Holly Fechtig has a strong background in Human Resources for nearly a decade with an emphasis in the following areas: Recruitment & Retention, Benefits Administration, HRIS/Project Management, Training & Development, Employment Law, HR Policies & Procedures, Performance Management and Onboarding. She is an active career coach and an advocate for HR professionals pursuing their credentials through her local SHRM chapter. Her certifications include, Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) as well as a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist (CHRS). To view her profile or connect with her on LinkedIn, please visit
https://www.linkedin.com/in/hollyfechtig .

What are Randy's Qualifications?

Why did Randy Create this Website?

Why is HR Important for the World?

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Randy created this website because he wants to share the knowledge that he has gained thru personal experience so that other people don't struggle as much as he did to succeed in HR.

​He remembers going to his career centers. They would edit resume for you against a generic candidate template. Perhaps they would recommend how to dress during interviews and to research the company beforehand. But where was the career advice? Where was the specific career advice for the HR field? That's what this website aims to do, to help those searching for career guidance in HR.

Everybody needs a little help. Together, lets go on this journey.

Holly Fechtig, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHRS

Randy, M.S., SHRM-CP


Masters of Science, Human Resources Design

Claremont Graduate University

Bachelors of Arts, Business Administration

​California State University, Fullerton

Certificate, Human Resources Management

​University of California, Los Angeles


Human Resources Administrator, Benefits & Compensation

Human Resources Administrator

Human Resources Assistant


SHRM-CP, Certified Professional

​Society of Human Resource Management

Let's face it. The field of HR Management isn't new.

HR has always been viewed as the place where you sign up for benefits or where you apply for a job. However, many people don't realize that HR is something more. A business consists of sometimes up to thousands of employees. If they just clock in and clock out everyday, how can a business come up with new ideas? How can a business increase their profit? That's where HR can partner with business.

If we hire the right people with great talent, if we reward people for contributing to the business, if we motivate people to create new ideas, if we train people how to work more productive, if we do all of this, the business will succeed. HR is involved in each of these aspects.

HR seeks to maximize human potential to achieve business objectives. You chose the right field to be in. Together, us HR Professionals can make a difference!

Randy's Struggle to Get an HR Job

How to Learn HR
Discover the difference degrees and certificates that you can get in HR. Knowledge is the foundation of your success.

How to Work in HR

Finding a job in HR is difficult, use this guide to discover where and how to land your next career move.

How to Be Certified in HR

Certification is a way to prove your mastery in HR. But with so many certifications, choose wisely using this guide.

How to Succeed in HR

Once you get your education, your job, and certification, you need to continue your journey to HR excellence thru participation in various organizations and continuous learning. Learn how to succeed.

How to Get Personalized Advice

Sometimes a career guide website isn't enough. That's why Randy is willing to help by providing personalized advice and resume editing. Learn more today.

What does this website help with?

In the next section, learn about the different schools, degrees, and certificates are available to HR professionals. The foundation to a solid HR career is a solid understanding of HR laws and best practices.

Randy discovered the struggle to enter the field of HR, just like YOU.

When Randy graduated college, no one would hire him because he didn't have any HR experience, even with a college degree. The age old question is "How Do You Get Experience, if it Requires Experience to Get a Job?

​​So Randy did what other fresh graduates did, work in odd-ball jobs to get by. However opportunity came knocking with my first HR job. It ended up being one of the best learning experiences in my life.

He received his Masters Degree in HR in 2014 and just days after his graduation, he received a job offer for a new job.

He now works in HR at the corporate office in a major corporation with over 5,000 employees and nearly $1 billion in revenues. ​​