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Talent Management & Leadership Development

This is not training nor recruiting, Talent Management is more involved in performance management. Employees who perform better, contribute better to the organization.

  • Talent Management Administrator
  • Talent Management Director

Union Relations

HR arguably have its roots from the rise of unions in the early 20th century. Unions do indeed still exist and an important player in HR Management. HR professionals are needed more than ever to manage the relationship between management and unions.

  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Labor Relations Director

Mid Level

3-5 years of experience
  1. HR Generalist
  2. HR Administrator
  3. HR Representative
  4. HR Associate

HR Specialists, as the name suggests, are those who desire not to be the "Jack of All Trades" but rather focus on field of expertise. Large organizations usually have this arrangement due to the volume employees. But more than that, large organizations find that a team of specialists can position the company for greater success. Imagine having

  • 10 Recruiters
  • 10 Trainers
  • 10 Benefits Administrators
  • 10 Payroll Staff

Each of these professionals have specific skills, that can come up with specific strategy for their specialty. For example those 10 recruiters can probably come up with better candidates than 1 HR Manager who is also doing Benefits and Training. However in smaller organizations, general HR Managers have the advantage because they understand how each HR specialty works to contribute to the entire HR vision.

Randy, MS

Writer of HR Career

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Finding a job in HR can be challenging. When I was a new graduate I often had times getting a call back because I didn't have any experience. But the age old question is, "How can I get experience if I can't get a job?" This job guide well help you land that job. I've utilized these strategies myself and I hope this helps!

The decision is yours. Should I be an HR Generalist? An HR Specialist? Or maybe an agency Recruiter? Maybe I want to teach in an University Extension program? The field of HR is very diverse. Don't think that if you "don't like to talk to people" you cannot be in HR. You can easily find a career in HRIS Analysis, where you deal with data more than people. Maybe you feel accomplished enough to be your own boss? Then HR Consulting may be right for you.

My point is that there are so many paths to go in the career of HR. My recommendation is to start somewhere that interests you and build your career from there.

There are many alternative routes to an HR career.

  • Recruiting Agency: There are many agencies out there that connect employees to employers. You can consider becoming a Recruiter for an agency.
  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO): These organizations not only provide recruiting services, but can also provide payroll services, benefits services, employee relations services, etc.
  • HR Consultant: The ultimate independence in HR is to be an HR Consultant. Usually a consultant would provide advice and services to companies in exchange for a retainer fee or for a service fee.
  • Public Sector: Many of the best paying HR jobs can be found in the public sector. You can also gain significant amount of experience in a very structured environment.
  • Employment Law Firm: If you want to specialize in Employment Law consider a career as an attorney. Many law firms specializing in this field deal with discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination law suits.
  • University: One of the most rewarding careers in HR is to become a lecturer in HR. You can pass on what you learned as an HR professional in your own schooling and real life experiences to the next generation.
  • University Extension: Become an Extension lecturer where you can reach working professionals who take night classes either for an HR Certification preparation or simply just to brush up on HR skills.


A true generalist should seek to have payroll experience as well. Payroll is often underappreciated for its complexity and regulations involved in this specialty. However, this field is ever more important.

  • Payroll Clerk
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Manager
  • Director of Payroll

Executive Level

10 or more years of experience
  1. Vice President of HR 
  2. HR Business Partner
  3. Chief HR Officer
  4. Chief People Officer
  5. People Strategist

8 Steps to Finding an HR Job

HR Specialist Career Path

HR Generalist Career Path

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Rewarding employees with a competitive benefits package attracts and retains them.

  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Benefits Analyst
  • Benefits Manager
  • Director of Benefits


Once you hire people, HR needs to help train them for their new positions but also continuously train them to perform better.

  • Training Coordinator
  • Training Specialist
  • Training Manager
  • Director of Training

Director Level

8-10 years of experience
  1. HR Director
  2. HR Regional Director
  3. Senior HR Director

Other HR Career Paths

Don't Give Up! Apply to Jobs the Day it Posts

Never wait til the next day to apply to a job. Recruiters many times select the top 20 resumes after sometimes the first day of posting. Therefore, people who apply a week later, get unnoticed. Apply to jobs the day it posts. It may seem tedious and boring, but you have to play your cards right.

Get Jobs Delivered to Your Email Daily

The competition to get the next job is heating up, don't take a chance on not knowing about all the jobs out there. When I was looking for jobs, I would get notified of new jobs EVERY DAY. Then out of those new jobs posted, I would apply to the ones that interest me. You may think this is too much, but you just never know when the right opportunity will post. I don't recommend waiting until the end of the week. If you do, then you risk not being selected to be interviewed. Don't take that chance, subscribe to job alerts daily on the most popular websites: LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, and PIHRA.

Create a LinkedIn Profile and Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is the largest professional website in the world. There are two main reasons to join. First, join in order to create visibility for recruiters to search for you. In this generation there is a "war for talent" where companies are using innovative techiniques such as LinkedIn to recruit for. Secondly, LinkedIn is great to share and learn latest HR regulations and Best Practices.

Post Your Resume Online

Even when I started my new job, I would get emails and phone calls from companies that found my resume online, without me applying!

Even when you a comfortably employed, always keep an open mind for new opportunities. Put your resume online and let recruiters find you, who knows there may be a position that you may take! Here a few websites to post your resume:


What Career Path Should I Choose?

The HR Generalist path is arguably the most popular path for HR professionals. In this career path, you not only do Recruiting or Benefits, but really act as a full service HR department. If you seek to become the Vice President of HR one day, you may want to consider the Generalist path in order to understand how to drive the business utilizing a holistic view of HR strategy, not just one competency. Below is a career path of an HR Generalist:

How to

Work in HR

When you apply for a job, you're a just a piece of paper. That's why it is important to distinguish yourself with a work history that is related to HR Management. In HR, its important to decide whether you want to be an HR Specialist (someone who focuses on one aspect of HR such as recruiting) or an HR Generalist (someone who does everything). Once you make that decision, plan your career path by using some of my examples.


Network in Local HR Meetings (PIHRA, SHRM, etc)

Its important to always stay connected with other HR colleagues. Become a member of your local HR chapter and network with other professionals, who may be your future employer. Because people hire people they know rather than a resume from a stranger. Join one today!

  • Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA)
  • National Human Resources Association (NHRA)
  • And many more! Go to the next page "How to Succeed in HR" for a list of more associations to join.

Know Why You Want to Be In HR - "Because I Like People" Doesn't Cut It

The biggest advice I could give you is to always know why you want to be in HR. When a recruiter asks you why you like HR, don't just say "Because I Like People". Come up with answer worthy of all of your experience and education. Come up with an answer that does it justice. HR is playing a pivotal role in driving businesses to success. Thru people we can create and reach new heights. I wish you the best of luck. If you would like to learn about some of the HR Services I provide such as resume editing, please click here.


Many larger organizations have a team of compensation specialist dedicated to conducting market surveys and create salary structures to reward employees.

  • Compensation Analyst
  • Compensation Specialist
  • Compensation Manager
  • Director of Compensation

Management Level

5-8 years of experience
  1. HR Manager
  2. HR Supervisor
  3. HR Regional Manager
  4. Senior HR Regional Manager
  5. Senior HR Manager

Entry level

0-3 years of experience
  1. HR Coordinator
  2. HR Assistant
  3. HR Clerk
  4. HR Intern
  5. Administrative Assistant, HR
  6. Executive Assistant, HR

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What's Next?

Continue Reading HR Career

In the next section, we explore career strategies on how to succeed in HR. What HR Certifications are there and what's the difference between them? What HR Associations should I join? What HR conference are there? Read on!



HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Data is becoming more and more important in HR. The HRIS staff is given the task to ensure data integrity and provide data reports to management for decision making.

  • HRIS Analyst
  • Sr. HRIS Analyst
  • HRIS Director

Employee Relations

Large organizations also tend to have specialized staff to deal with employee relations issues.

  • Employee Relations Representative
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Director of Employee Relations
  • Ombudsman

I really hoped you enjoyed reading HR Career My goal is to help you succeed in the field of HR. Yes, its hard to begin, but trust me, after spending 5 years practicing HR, I can tell you its one of the most rewarding fields I have been in. You not only "help people" but you help people succeed to their highest potential and become better contributors and performers to the organization as whole. Together, lets motivate employees, one at a time!

If you would like personalized career advice for HR, I would be happy to help! I also help with editing your resume, cover letter, mock job interview, and even meeting you in person. Learn more below!


Get Your Resume Edited

A well written resume is the key to landing the job of your dreams. Get your resume perfected and edited by a professional. Randy Aung, the editor of this website, edits resumes for people like you.


In staffing, you will attract people to come to the organization thru posting jobs, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and making job offers.

  • Recruiting Coordinator
  • Recruiter
  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Director of Talent Management

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Randy, M.S., SHRM-CP

Author of HR Career​Masters Degree, HR, May 2014

Certification, HR, May 2015​​​

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I'm sure you know what job boards to typically search in, however, here are the job boards I used and which I think you can find the best HR opportunities out there. I would say the secret is never to leave a stone "unturned" and to always apply to jobs daily when an opportunity comes by. For each website below, be sure to create a "Job Agent" and have personalized job postings delivered to your email daily. This will ensure that any job that's posted, you will get a chance to apply.

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