The Importance of HR Certification

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by Holly Fechtig, PHR, SHRM-CP, CHRS

Implementation Consultant, ADP

Florence, Kentucky, United States

In the next section, learn about the different schools, degrees, and certificates are available to HR professionals. The foundation to a solid HR career is a solid understanding of HR laws and best practices.

Proud, committed, connected, competent, informed, successful, qualified, opportunity, confident, distinguished, employable, proven, expert, credible, focused, dedicated, equipped, validated, versatile.  When asked by HRCI on their LinkedIn page, in one word, this is how HR professionals described what being certified means to them.  

It’s evident that professionals who have earned the privilege of adding those extra letters onto the end of their signature line are extremely proud.  In my experience, there is a lot of work involved in preparing to sit in for one of the HR exams.  It would be exceedingly difficult to pass one of the offered exams without a plan in place.  This may include joining a study group, taking a prep course, reading through the body of ... 

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by James Kinneer, PhD, SPHR,


Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States

Human Resource Professionals have the option of working in the role of an HR Generalist or as an HR specialist.   Deciding which role is right for you requires consideration of your special interests and talents. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each path.

HR Generalist

HR Generalists wear many hats and need to be proficient on a number of different HR topics.  HR Generalists are a “jack-of-all-trades”.  They may not be an expert in all areas but need to have at least working knowledge to jump from hiring, to benefits administration to...

Deciding Your Path as an HR Generalist or Specialist

The Importance of HR Certification

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The Importance of HR Certification

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