Achieve even higher with an HR certification. A certification proves to your employer and the community that you have the knowledge and experience to impact the business's bottom line results. Learn about certification today!

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This website is not only here to provide advice, but to customize that advice for your situation. The editor, Randy Aung will be happy to answer any of your questions on how to jump start a career in HR. He knows that starting a career in Human Resources isn't easy. Randy has been thru it and has struggled. He doesn't want you to go thru the same struggle.

Here are some of the services he provides:

  • Personalized HR Career Advice: Ask Randy anything about HR. Tell him about your career goals and let him set you up for success!

  • Resume Editing: Resumes are the first point of contact to the company. Make sure it stands out!

  • Mock Job Interviewing: Interviewing is a special skill that needs to be trained. Set up a mock interviewing session today!

  • Cover Letter Editing: We will edit your cover letter for structure, content, and grammar


Don't go thru the struggle of jump starting an HR Career alone! Randy is here to help.

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Personalized Advice & Resume Editing

You're not done yet! Now its time to create a strategy on how to propel your career to the next level. Learn here about the different HR organizations you can join and how to best become recognized by your HR Vice President for the next promotion.

Once you get your HR education, now its time to find a job in HR. This guide will show you the best strategies to find a job in HR and the different career paths available.

HR Professionals require a solid foundation of HR laws, practices, procedures, and strategies. This guide will lay out the different degrees and education paths you can take.




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News and Updates

Website Redesigned: Introducing the new HR Career

Our followers may recall that HR Career Advice was always hosted on Randy's main website. However, due to popular demand of people wanting advice, Randy created HR Career, the only website on the internet helping people to succeed in HR.

New HR Certification Released in 2015: SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP

Starting in 2015, SHRM released the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications. These are different from the PHR and SPHR which are awarded by the HRCI. While these certifications are still recognized, it would be beneficial to attain these designations. Testing begins in the middle of 2015. The first step is to purchase the SHRM Learning System or register for a preparation course. After you study, you will be prepared to register for the exams. Good luck!

The leading website dedicated to providing career advice to aspiring HR Professionals.

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Who Made this Website and Why Do You Need It?

HR Career is the one of the only websites on the internet that is dedicated to helping people grow a career in HR. HR Professionals are rewarded everyday by helping organizations succeed. However, like any career, growing in the field takes a lot planning and strategy. This website is dedicated to sharing how to learn HR, how to work in HR, how to get certified in HR, and how to succeed in HR.

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